A wedding in the great outdoors can be absolutely amazing… but the planning process can be pretty stressful! Here at Geronimo Oaks, we take a lot of the stress out of the process by having brand new facilities and knowledgeable staff, but these rules should be food for thought when you book your special day with us.  Also, keep in mind, we’re running

a special if you book between June 1st and September 1st, so what are you waiting for? Call today (281) 808-8011.

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1. Rules + Permits: Figure out what kind of rules and permits you’ll be subjected to before you plan anything. Getting married at the park near your childhood home may seem like the best idea ever, but that park may have a lot more rules and regulations than you realize.


2. Make Guests Comfortable: Make your guests’ comfort top priority by making sure your site is well-equipped with things like fans, outdoor heating units, well-lit paths to the bathrooms, refreshing non-alcoholic drinks, and citronella candles. Nail down a plan for buying or renting the things your venue doesn’t offer as early as possible.


3. BYOB: Our facilities allow you to bring your own beverages, to help keep the cost down on your special day. (Blooming Shoppe Straws From BHLDN via Lover.ly)

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4. Prepare for Weather: Organize weather-appropriate accessories for the bridal party and parents: gloves, scarves, and nice (sturdy!) umbrellas. Then ask someone in the bridal party to be in charge of bringing it the day of.

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5. Cover Up: Make sure you have a nice jacket or cover up to wear in case it’s cold during your ceremony or the reception.


6. Photography: Talk to your photographer about where the sun will be during your ceremony so you can plan the ceremony and seating arrangements accordingly. You don’t want to realize the morning of that you’re going to be hidden in shadows or squinting into the sun in your photos.


7. Sunscreen: Assign someone to be on SPF duty the day of so no one ends up with a sunburn. We all know how hot the Texas sun can get, even in the fall!


8. Windproof Decor: As you might know, it can get windy up in the Texas Hills, double check that all your decor can withstand a very strong breeze. Don’t want to end your wedding day my hunting for centerpieces!


9. A/V: Make sure everyone will be able to hear you! No one wants to strain to hear your vows or the toasts. Depending on how open and/or busy your space is, you may need to hire someone to set up audio equipment.

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10. Find an Expert: If you don’t consider yourself a wedding expert (and you don’t want to become one), we can connect you with several wedding and event consultants. Even if you do consider yourself an expert, why add the extra stress?


11. Details, Details: Your wedding website is the perfect place to put details about your outdoor wedding so your guests can plan accordingly. Include a photo of the venue, the kind of weather you’re expecting, and the worst-case scenario weather they may want to be prepared for. We work with the best when it comes to web design, and can connect you for a discounted rate. (Photo by: Kristin Cheatwood Photography on Kristin Cheatwood Photography via Lover.ly)


12. Footwear: Your website is also a great place to post info about what kind of shoes the guests may want to wear. Something simple like “The bridesmaids are wearing wedges so they can walk in the garden without issues!” will reduce your guests’ stress (and urgent text messages to you) the week of the wedding.

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13. All Ages: Keep your very old and very young guests in mind as you plan. For example, if there will be a lot of walking from the parking lot to the clearing in the woods where the ceremony is, let them know ahead of time on the website or even the invite.


14. Welcome Bags: Stock welcome bags with any last-minute things that may be useful to guests: think bottled water, gloves, or and inexpensive sunglasses. Order everything online a few months ahead of time so you aren’t making a midnight run to store with your maid of honor the night before your wedding.


15. Fans + Parasols: Fill pretty baskets with things like parasols, fans, or pashminas to help guests deal with the elements on-site. The less you’re worried about guests’ comfort, the easier it is to focus on getting married.

Here at Geronimo Oaks, our biggest concern is making your special day something to remember fondly for the rest of your lives. If you’re looking for an authentic wedding experience, give us a call (281) 808-8011 and schedule a tour.