5 Things to Know When Booking Your Wedding & Event Bartender

Geronimo Oaks recently sat down with our preferred bartender vendor Garnish Bar Company to get an inside look at best ways to have a smooth event experience, from planning and execution to conclusion.

1. To hire or not to hire service professionals like bartenders

Yes, of course. If you have the budget, hire. Even if you don’t think you have the budget, TALK to a professional first. We walk you through every step of the process, from making a shopping list, to knowing what questions to ask the venue, to knowing the local rules and regulations regarding licensing of bartenders and so on. Spending 20 minutes on the phone with a company like ours can save you time, energy, and MONEY!

2. Know your venue

Every venue has its own rules and set of amenities. Knowing whether or not you need to bring your own water, ice, or sink goes a long way to being prepared for the events of the day. When you’ve never planned an event with an open bar, it’s hard to know what to ask. We walk you through all that!

3. Location, Location, Location

Some venues have build in bars and kitchen areas, others require bringing your own. In those cases, the logistics of where you set up can make or break everything from the flow of getting on and off the dance floor to how fast and how many Manhattans, Uncle Buck can down before Aunt Agnes has to ‘call it’. These logistics often go unconsidered and can impact everyones enjoyment of the event.

4. Bartender is Serving Margarita or Martini?

WHAT to serve is also something that we walk our clients through. Some considerations are obvious, like knowing how to stretch a buget or what the bride’s favorite cocktail is. Others are less obvious, like coming up with a signature drink that pairs perfectly with the event’s theme or venue setting. Not to toot our own horn, but this is definitely one of our SPECIALTIES!

5. Accoutrements

Everything from signage to the size, number, and placement of glasses can impact the guest experience of an event. A wedding planner may be designing the table placements for luxury or visual experience. But we can tell you how having a wine glass, champagne flute, AND brandy snifter affect guest BEHAVIOR and ultimately whether people will leave your event bragging to their friends how elegant it was or how INSANE it was.

These are just a few of Garnish Bar Company’s insider tips to a smooth affair. Consider calling or reaching out today if you are planning an event or have questions! Contact Geronimo Oaks for wedding venues and other event space. Schedule your tour now.