Who doesn’t love the summer?! Summer is arguably the most exciting season of the year. It’s a time for long, lazy days spent outdoors, playing in the sun, and going on vacation. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of freedom that comes with summer vacation. You can sleep in as late as you want, eat ice cream for breakfast, and spend all day playing with your friends. Of course, no summer would be complete without a few barbecues and bonfires with friends and family. Summer is also the perfect time to have your wedding! The weather is usually beautiful and sunny and there are so many fun activities and events going on during the summer that you can incorporate into your big day. Summer is widely seen as a time for celebration, so it’s the perfect time to get married and start your new life together. Here are a few tips to plan the best summer weddings!

The Weather
As we mentioned before, the weather is typically beautiful in the summer. However, it’s important to be prepared for anything, especially if you’re getting married in a hot climate. (Hello, Texans!)

  • We recommend that you have plenty of water available for your guests. Water stations can be placed at your ceremony site and around your reception venue. It is a good idea that these are separate from the bar to make them even more easily accessible to your guests.
  • Light and refreshing food is also a great way to keep your guests cool and comfortable in the summer. A few of our favorite cocktail hour, lite bites from past weddings at Geronimo Oaks are watermelon and cucumber salad, shrimp cocktail, and charcuterie-grazing tables. The options are endless and your caterer will be able to give you even more great summer food ideas.
  • Keeping your guests cool during the ceremony is very important. Wedding program fans are a great way to keep guests comfortable while also providing them with the information they need to follow the ceremony. Umbrellas or parasols, and sunscreen are great to have on hand for guests to use. If guests are to be outside for extended periods of time, you could consider having tents or canopies and fans set out to help control the heat.
  • As always, make sure you have a backup plan in case of rain or extreme heat. At Geronimo Oaks, we offer both indoor and outdoor ceremony spaces at each of our venues. A contingency plan is always recommended, so you do not have to scramble to make last minute, unplanned changes on your big day. The Geronimo Oaks staff is committed to making your event a success, no matter what Mother Nature throws our way.

The Activities
Summer is a time for fun and relaxation, so take advantage of it! There are so many great activities you can incorporate into your wedding.

  • Lawn games are a great way to utilize both indoor and outdoor spaces at your wedding. Corn hole and giant jenga are always fun and keep your guests entertained. You can have personalized corn hole boards that double as a guest book or have guests write notes and well wishes on the giant jenga pieces.
  • Food trucks are a great catering option for summer weddings. They will undoubtedly add variety and excitement to your wedding reception and create an indoor/outdoor experience for your guests. Food trucks are typically more affordable than traditional catering, leaving room in your budget to use in other areas of your wedding! They also offer a wide range of cuisines to choose from, so you can cater to the tastes of all of your guests. We have seen so many different types at Geronimo Oaks—from fire trucks serving pizza to boozy ice cream carts!
  • Popsicles on a hot day are hard to beat. A popsicle stand is a fun dessert alternative that will be enjoyed by guests of all ages. Your bartenders can also incorporate the popsicles into a signature cocktail for your adult guests – think a fruity popsicle in a glass of prosecco! Delicious and refreshing!

The Celebration
Summer is a time for celebration, so your wedding is sure to be a party that your guests will never forget!

  • Make sure to choose a venue that suits your needs and allows your vision to be brought to life. There are many venues that limit your choices when it comes to catering, decor, and so much more. At Geronimo Oaks, you will not have any vendor restrictions. We give our couples the freedom to choose who and what they bring in to make their day extra special. Our staff will make sure that you have the wedding of your dreams.
  • Incorporate the vibrant summer colors in your wedding design. Your florals can be bright and cheerful with shades of yellow, orange, pink, and blue. Table linens and bridesmaid dresses can also bring a pop of color. By incorporating vibrant summer colors into your wedding design, you can create a celebration that is both beautiful and memorable.
  • Your party favors can also be themed to the season! A custom pair of sunglasses, mini sunscreen bottles, or a packet of wildflower seeds are some of the favors that our guests have loved.
  • A fun dance party is a must for your summer wedding! Whether you have a DJ or an awesome playlist, your guests will love dancing the night away. Don’t forget a good late-night snack to keep your guests going well into the evening. This could be as simple as trail mix, fruit platters, or a delicious dessert spread—or bring in your favorite pizza! No matter what you choose, be sure to have plenty of snacks on hand so that your guests can stay fueled up and dancing all night long.
  • End your wedding night with a fun newlywed send off. Sparklers are a common option that leave your guests in awe and create the most amazing photo ops! Dried flower petals or dried lavender are unique eco-friendly options that your guests will also love.

Wedding planning can seem overwhelming, but following these tips will help you plan the perfect summer wedding. The most important thing to remember is to enjoy the process and don’t sweat the small stuff. Contact Geronimo Oaks for more information on the best summer weddings or schedule a tour of our property.