The chance of finding bridesmaid dresses that are actually re-wearable is slim, and you definitely shouldn’t have a double wedding. Movies about weddings often have wedding planning wrong. Let’s discuss:

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Even when they’re completely outrageous, we can’t help but love them. From the cheesy meet-cutes to the totally unrealistic timelines, unlimited wedding budgets, and the inevitable climax in which the wedding is almost called off, we can’t get enough — and the more ridiculous the story, the better. Maybe we just wanted an excuse to re-watch some of our fave wedding movies in the name of research (it’s true), but we decided to take a closer look at some of the most popular wedding flicks to see how they actually stack up when it comes to planning a wedding in real life.

Keep reading to see what your fave wedding movies actually got right — and wrong — about planning a wedding.


Mamma Mia!

So right: You might argue with your parents.

Right before the wedding, Sophie and Donna get into a huge fight, and it’s not pretty. (Turns out that living on a perfect Greek island doesn’t always solve all your problems). The truth is that planning a wedding can stir up a lot of feelings for you and your parents, especially if they tend to be overprotective or controlling. You might be at odds with your parents because you want different things, they might not like your fiancé(e), or they’re sad about you growing up (aw!) and are expressing that through anger (ugh). In the bigger picture, it’s important to choose your battles with your parents and try to understand how they’re feeling. Finally, Sophie and Donna make up just in the knick of time. Cue them singing “Slipping Through My Fingers” and us straight-up bawling like babies.



So right: You should never go out to a big meal before a dress fitting.

Just don’t ever do this. Save the tacos, mimosas, and other guilty pleasure foods for when you’re celebrating after your dress shopping appointments. Otherwise, you know what happens.

Father of the Bride

So wrong: Your wedding cake is not the first thing you pick out.

Um, no. Fabulous as he may be, Franck Eggelhoffer is way off the mark when he says they need to choose the cake first during his initial consultation with George, Nina, and Annie. Don’t get us wrong, we love wedding cakes. But your wedding colors, invitations, attire, flowers, and decor should all come first in your planning timeline.


My Big Fat Greek Wedding

So right: Extended family can be a lotto handle.

Remember that scene with Nia’s cousins and aunts in the kitchen? They had already picked out her invitations, bridesmaid dresses, jewelry, and who knows what else without asking the bride. Unless you’re the luckiest person to ever get married, you’ll probably have to deal with a few pushy relatives and friends while you’re planning your big day, especially if you have a huge extended family.


Bride Wars

So wrong: You would NEVER have a double wedding.

I don’t care how much you love your BFF, twin sister, whoever — let’s just all agree that having a double wedding is never going to work out smoothly. And while Liv and Emma’s double wedding was technically because Marion St. Claire’s assistant dropped the ball, there’s so much about this movie plotline that would never happen in reality.

First: it’s extremely unlikely that one of the most exquisite wedding venues in New York City would still have three openings (in June!) with only months to go. And what’s up with these brides finalizing their wedding dates without their fiancés on board? Before the mix-up, their wedding dates are only three weeks apart. Liv was supposed to get married first, which wouldn’t have left much time for her to return from a honeymoon *and* do her pre-wedding maid of honor duties before Emma’s big day. From there, things just go haywire, so we’ll leave it at this: don’t ever get married in the same month, let alone on the exact same day, as your best friend.


Father of the Bride

So wrong: Your dad gets stuck outside during the reception.

Yes, we put this movie on our list twice. You mean to tell me that George misses the entire reception — speeches, dinner, dancing — and NO ONE comes looking for him? It’s not until the very last minute when Annie throws her bouquet that she finally realizes he isn’t there. What about the father of thebridespeech? Didn’t they have a father-daughter dance song picked out? Nina, where is your husband? We have so many questions.

The Wedding Planner

So wrong: Wedding planners don’t fall in love with their clients.

This never happens. In fact, we’re not sure there’s much about this movie that would happen IRL. Giving sedatives to the bride’s dad right before he has to walk his daughter down the aisle? Big no-no. A grown woman being admitted to the pediatric unit of a hospital? No again. The wedding planner deciding that she has to have her OWN WEDDING on the exact day and time of her client’s wedding? No, no, and no! The one thing we will accept about this movie: the fact that J.Lo does not age, ever.

27 Dresses

So right: Brides literally say “You can definitely re-wear this dress!” to their bridesmaids. All. The. Time.

Is it true? Probably not. Unless you lead a marvelous lifestyle and get to attend galas and swanky parties on the reg, chances are that you probably won’t ever re-wear that $200 floor-length tulle dress that “looks good on everyone.” But like it or not, wearing a dress of the bride’s choosing is what you sign up for when you agree to be a bridesmaid, and that’s okay!

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