Starting the wedding venues search is the first thing many couples do after they are engaged. This can be a very overwhelming experience but I am here to help you with these questions that you can ask throughout the venue tour.

These are the three questions you should ask the wedding venues before going out for a tour:

  1. Is this venue in my budget?
  2. Does the wedding venue have enough space for your guest list?
  3. Is your date free?

The next list of questions can be asked throughout your tour but some may not apply to you. Be sure to take notes along the way at each venue you visit so you remember which rules/stipulations apply to each venue.

  1. Is there a decent size dance floor with my guest count?
  2. How many weddings do you have a day/week?
  3. Is there outdoor space?
  4. Can we get in the day before/early in the morning for set-up?
  5. Are we responsible for the take-down and what time does it need to be done?
  6. How late can we stay at the venue?
  7. Are there any music/noise restrictions?
  8. Is there a secure space for gifts?
  9. His you have additional decorations we can use (centerpieces, candleholders etc)?
  10. Are there local vendors you’d recommend/could I have a list?
  11. Are we allowed to have real candles?
  12. What does the venue look like at night?
  13. What kind of lighting is there?
  14. Can we have fireworks/food trucks/sparklers/horse and carriage/lawn games etc? (Basically any special requirements you may have or deal breakers.)
  15. Are there any changes planned to the building before the wedding?
  16. Is the ceremony to take place in the same room as the reception?
  17. What is the changeover plan for converting from ceremony to reception?
  18. Is there a backup weather plan for the ceremony?
  19. What type of tables do you have and what are the sizes?
  20. Can I move things around and decorate or do I have to leave everything as is?
  21. Can we set up and decorate the venue the day before the wedding?
  22. Can we hang things on the wall or from the ceilings?
  23. Does anything have to be moved to create the dance floor?
  24. Will the band have to go through the reception to set up or is there separate access?
  25. Is the bridal and groom suite included in the price?
  26. What accommodation if any does the venue offer?
  27. Are there hotels in the area for guests if no accommodations on site?
  28. Is the venue elderly and disabled friendly?
  29. Is there enough parking for my guests?
  30. Is there an outdoor space for smoking where my guests can mingle?
  31. How many toilets are there?
  32. Is there a payment schedule? What kind of deposits are required?
  33. What’s the cancellation policy? What costs are incurred if the numbers on the day differ to the final numbers?
  34. Are there any discounts for military/first responders?
  35. Are there any additional fees or charges we need to be aware of?

There are many more questions you may have after the tour and also that you may have forgotten so be sure to get the email or phone number from the venue staff member so that you can contact them later. Remember to have fun while looking for a venue and relax! Contact Geronimo Oaks to schedule your tour of our wedding venue options. We can’t wait to meet you.