Sending the newlyweds off at the end of the night if so fun and is always a great way to get your guests in some photos. Here are a couple of ideas on what to use for that grand wedding exit…

When planning your wedding exit, let’s start with seasonal favorites.

Autumn leaves:
This is perfect for fall inspired weddings and is a fun and very cheap way to send off the bride and groom.

Rose petals:
Throwing these in the air as the couple walks away husband and wife is a beautiful photo op!

wedding exit

Glow sticks:
This serves as a fun idea for the dancefloor and is great for your guests to wiggle around for photos as the grand exit.

These are the most popular send off items we are seeing right now. And no wonder, they make for beautiful pictures!!

wedding exit

Led balloons:
Light the way to a beautiful getaway car!

How sweet to blow bubbles on the couple as they walk out newlyweds. Bubbles create a fun and bubbly atmosphere. (literally and figuratively!)

Yes we are in Texas but you can always buy fake snow and throw it in the air to make it feel like a winter wonderland!

Wild flowers:
This is always beautiful for anytime of year but it’s very easy for spring weddings. Just pick some in your backyard and save them for when the couple makes their exit!

wedding exit

You could use antique bells or cow bells, either way it’s a fun way to make some noise for the newlyweds.

This is tradition in New Orleans and is the perfect way to get some adorable pictures of your guests having fun flinging a handkerchief in the air.

Ribbon wands:
So many weddings has been using this idea recently. Glue some ribbons to a wooden stick and you have a fun easy way to incorporate your wedding colors into your grand exit!

Even just having guests line up on either side of your exit will be a perfect send off. Make it something unique and fun for you and your life long partner!



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(Featured image by: Kate Elizabeth Photography)