When it comes to all the things that need to be planned, considered and paid for, it’s easy to get lost in the details! But your special day is more than just the sum total of its parts. Your wedding day is your LOVE STORY.

Everyone loves a good love story.

Your vows are the climax of everything you’ve been through together as a couple up to THAT MOMENT in time.  The better you tell your story the more invested everyone who’s there to support you will be and the more magical and intense the experience will be for all parties involved!

This is the drama of your lives. There are many ways to share your story!

Consider having a personal website or blog that lets you share your story in word, picture, &/or video with your closest friends and family or even the WORLD!

The good the bad and the ugly: your story is no doubt wrought with highs and lows. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. We ALL have highs and lows. The lows make us stronger when we let them.

Geronimo Oaks is a great wedding venue in Seguin, Texas and has experts to help make your love story come to life. Contact us to schedule a tour.